About BingoBlue

Do you like low prices and good service? Yes? Great! BingoBlue was designed for you. If you're a history buff, keep reading. You'll learn everything you never wanted to know about our humble beginnings.

Our Story

BingoBlue, originally TechMaster Electronics, was started by chance. In October of 2010, our older brother, TechMaster Telecom, had some unused hardware it needed to liquidate. Rather than just post it on eBay and hope for the best, we were created as a spin-off. We made a (very) simple website, and a month later, our inventory was sold. And while that may, to some, sound like a success story, to us it presented a problem.

We had established relationships with many people and companies who had come to love our low prices and high level of service, but we no longer had anything to provide them. We tried other liquidation sources for a few months, but were never able to find reputable suppliers.

January 2011 – a Turning Point

In January of 2011, we decided to try something different. Instead of trying to find high quality products at liquidation, we went to the source. We contacted distributors and manufacturers, many of which also supplied large retailers. We explained our situation, and by the end of January, had accounts with two of the largest distributors of IT and consumer electronics products in the United States. But there was still one problem.

What's in a name?

When TechMaster Electronics was created, it wasn't designed to be anything more than an extension of TechMaster Telecom. Aside from being hard to say, it's hard to find – there are thousands of companies with that name. It took us a while, but we eventually came up with BingoBlue.