About Us

Welcome to our world of electronics, where passion meets persistence and dreams come to life!

In the sprawling vastness of the internet, sometimes chance encounters create lifelong bonds. And that's precisely our story. Back in May 2008, the universe threw two young moderators on WikiAnswers into the same digital realm: Josh Anders, a 16-year-old with a budding web hosting enterprise and Kevin Croissant, an eager 13-year-old ready to dive into the world of web tech.

Perhaps it was fate or just the sheer speed of Kevin's reply (a record-setting 13 seconds after Josh’s post on the moderators' forum, to be exact), but that serendipitous interaction led to a deep-seated friendship. From sharing midnight conversations about server downtimes to launching Bobcat-1, a cubesat, into space in 2020, our journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

The birth of TechMaster Electronics in 2011 was another key chapter in this tale. Though it underwent a rebranding to become BingoBlue Electronics within a year, the venture served more as a learning experience than a soaring success. But it was far from a setback. Every connection made, every failure encountered, and every lesson learned was a stepping stone, laying the groundwork for the online electronics store you see before you today.

So, as you browse through our digital shelves, know that you're not just shopping with another electronics store. You're engaging with a story of friendship, resilience, and sheer dedication to bringing the best of the consumer electronics world to you.

Here's to the next chapter,
Josh & Kevin